Poverty Alleviation

Business Empowerment Services

Universal Mission helps establish small businesses for responsible adults, provide small business management training and counseling services, organize workshops and seminars aimed at better business management, simple book-keeping, raising morale, empowering the people, improving the economy, and reducing poverty.

Universal Mission's Team addressing community
leaders on the mission's Poverty alleviation and
free basic healthcare assistants' training project.
  Development/Vocation Centers

As part of education, Universal Mission encourages skill acquisition among developing country youths by building and equipping Development/Vocational Centers where skills like carpentry, bricklaying, plumbing, iron works, shoe making, dress making, hair braiding etc. will be taught. Graduates from these Centers will receive micro loans to start their own business, hire students of the centre as apprentices during their (6 month) industrial training and money generated from interests on the loans will be used to sustain the centre.

Health Care Assistant student of Universal Mission

  Micro Loans Services

Universal Mission plans to provide micro-loans to responsible and hard working village men and women to help take their businesses to the next level. Money generated will be reinvested in Universal Mission projects.
Leader of Village Development Union addressing the
Crowd about Universal Mission Village development Projects.

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