Health Care

Health Awareness Campaign

Universal Mission sponsors free medical outreach in remote rural communities and uses that as a tool to create and promote HIV/AIDS awareness among all. Universal Mission equips health centers, provides health clinics and medical care services for poor and helpless families in remote communities without any clinic within 10 mile radius. The organization educates villagers on basic hygiene and good nutrition.

Dr Nne Ihuoma-Ngumoha talking to a
patient During a visit to one of the health centers equipped by Universal Mission
  Health Centers

Universal Mission train locals as basic health care providers to earn a living and for continuity of the program. It's more cost efficient using locals for better sustainability than having to send health care providers from cities very often. Universal Mission project will reduce infant mortality rate due to Sickle cell, HIV/AIDS and other neglected diseases by educating the villagers on basic hygiene and good nutrition using local produce.

Training program for
healthcare professional

Health awareness and screening during a medical outreach.
Donation of medical supply to assist a local health center.

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