About Us: Our Mission
Universal Mission & Sickle Cell Enigma Consultants

UM-SCEC is a non-profit, (501c 3), non-denominational organization striving to improve the quality of life of the impoverished and underserved people in our communities by ministering to them (spiritually, medically & materially) both locally and in developing countries of the World. Our area of focus is provision of access to quality healthcare, health awareness; especially to those living with Sickle Cell and other debilitating diseases, education and poverty alleviation. “Knowledge is Health, Spread the Word and let’s join hands to Eradicate debilitating Diseases, illiteracy and Poverty in our communities all over the WORLD”….Join Us Now!

Our Mission:

Our mission basically is health awareness and to provide increased access to qualitative health care, education and poverty alleviation for the poor and the underprivileged citizens in the rural and urban areas locally and internationally while emphasizing on the importance of making healthy choices.

Our Values:

Our values are based on our medical outreaches' experience of human choices, neglected diseases like sickle cell and the crude/cruel method of its treatment and other diseases which tends to increase the complications and high mortality rate associated with such diseases in developing countries. Our passion to make the lives of these helpless children better and our commitment to end any stigma surrounding sickle cell disorders or any other diseases. Universal Mission and Sickle Cell Enigma Consultants relies heavily on you for donations and volunteer to keep up with this.


To get people informed on the importance of healthy choices, education, etiology of some of these diseases, their symptoms, management and “proper” treatment, against “body mutilation-in the name of treatment” of those living with Sickle Cell and other debilitating diseases in some African countries. These Sickle Cell Anemia and other neglected diseases' patients in some cases are being stigmatized and treated as outcasts.
About Us: Our History

Ike and Nne Ngumoha were raised in the Eastern part of Nigeria and have a firsthand experience of what inequity and poverty really means.

They relocated to the USA in 1981 and 2006 respectively and are citizens of the United States of America.

Universal Mission started as Sickle Cell Enigma Consultants (a.k.a Global Mobile Health) in 2007 and was later incorporated as a 501c3 in 2008. It was founded by Ike and Nne (both healthcare professionals) with a vision to give children in the remote villages of the world starting with Africa "one country at a time" the opportunity for better lives.

Their commitment is to create strategic alliances and partnerships to help obtain the resources needed to assist underprivileged children and families around us.

Their focus is to engage in self sustaining projects and programs that will enhance the quality of life for the most vulnerable of these children.


  Three Main Focus Areas:

These three main focus areas listed below seek to address both immediate and future needs:

1. Health
2. Education
3. Poverty Alleviation.

At the moment Universal Mission has 58 high school students in our scholarship program and supply education materials to over 100 pupils/students. We also promote Sickle Cell and HIV/AIDS awareness in these communities by working in collaboration with the community leaders, using free medical outreaches. All the students are randomly selected (based on the gravity of their poverty) from remote villages in the Southeastern part of Nigeria (Ntigha, Nbawsi, Umuakpara and Oboro in Ngwa and Umuahia, of Abia State, Nigeria). Their vision is “Changing lives – one child, one village and one country at a time. Their hope is to achieve this through partnering with kind hearted individuals together with corporate and charitable organizations. In most third world countries, education is the only ticket out of poverty for these children. Most children would do anything to attend school. Unfortunately, with no level of free education, this desire becomes a rare and expensive privilege. Most parents would send their young and tender children to cities far from their village homes to live with friends or relatives who can afford to pay their way through school. That indeed is a great sacrifice on both the child and the parents. Providing education opportunity for these children is a gift that keeps giving (by triggering off a positive chain reaction) because of the extended family system in Africa. (When you are helped, you help others) Helping one child will help many generations to come. In the United States we partner with Crosslink-Memphis, Hospital Sisters, Lion's Club Vision, AmeriCares, Pfizer, and have several community outreach events annually serving families in the North & South Counties, St Charles, Chesterfield, Manchester and St Louis City. At these events we screen for different ill-health, while creating disease awareness and provide essential items ranging from food, clothing, shoes, back to school supplies, hygiene products Christmas gifts etc. to children and families who need them. Ike and Nne are both medical professionals and Dr Nne Ihuoma-Ngumoha aside being a Public Health Consultant, is also an ordained Christian minister. Both, with a passion to provide opportunities and find resources to help people live better life - spirit, soul and body.


Universal Mission News:

Provided free health awareness/screening to hundreds of youths and families in Florissant, North county, south city and St Louis city communities of Missouri State, and also in Nigeria, West Africa.
Provided education scholarships, school uniforms and school supplies to 50 high school students from different villages in the eastern part of Nigeria, West Africa.
Provided education scholarships and school supplies to 8 students from a village in Ghana, West Africa: == 2 students in Universities, 4 Students in secondary schools and 2 pupils in Primary schools.
Renovated two dilapidated school buildings to help improve learning the environment.
Raised and shipped a 40ft container loads of text books for all grade levels (children’s - college text books) from the United States to school Libraries in Nigeria.
Raised and shipped another 40 ft container load of medical supplies and a vehicle to help with transportation for Universal Mission projects in Nigeria.
EVENTS: Past & Present
• Missouri health awareness/screening
• Mission trips to Africa,

Medical outreach report 2013

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